Studies: Creating a marketing campaign for Beetle

Today was the final day of our Marketing and Advertising course on my Graphic Design studies. We had quite a big campaign to create for our final project. It took many sketches, late nights and self-doubt. There is always something you want to change after you present your work, but at some point you just need to stop and finish it. So here is my campaign for Volkswagen Beetle.

features: a 3-page magazine ad, an ad for the Tube, a 4-page postal direct mailer, a website front page and a 3D object.
target audience: Londoners in their 20s-50s.
my objective: to establish the Beetle as a landmark and icon for London and a must-have car for Londoners.

Here is my three pager ad for a magazine. After that you’ll see some of my sketches and in the end a gallery of my entire campaign.


Sketching started off with a road trip idea
Some of my sketches below. I was trying to capture the feeling of road trips. There’s an iconic route from London to Brighton, around 100 miles South, and what better way to experience the journey than with your family and Beetle. You can see the beautiful South Downs and a bit of British countryside. Plus there are lots of cute little towns to stop by.

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And finally I decided to ditch the road trip and just focus on London. Those you have lived/visited in London will recognise the elements I’ve used to create the London look&feel.

The direct postal mailer – 4 pages

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And here is the website front page and Tube ad.

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One halloween party many years ago

I’m excited about Halloween this year. Sadly, I’ll be working the weekend, but the holiday brings some fun memories to mind. Quite a few years back I was living in London. We had this crazy big house with front and back gardens in North London. We were five university students sharing its 6 rooms. Our landlord was an old Jewish man who went by the name Mr K. He was a darling, but not so good with the home improvement stuff. At least he paid a Polish guy to do our gardening. Or more like, mow our flowers. Anyway, I’m getting sidelined now. I meant to share with you a memory from those years: a cool Halloween party we organised with my housemates.

All photos by my amazing photographer friend Lan Xu. Concept and styling by Anni Leppanen (me).