Vintage finds

I have recently made some amazing finds in flea markets, the streets (!) and antique stores. There is a second hand heaven in my home town Lahti, it’s called Lanttila, where you can find fabrics, tea sets, cutlery, mason jars etc with just a few euros. My new favourite for a selection of well curated vintage finds is Olohuone in Kallio. They have a cute cafe and occasionally organise creative workshops. Below some items I got for myself.

  • Lanttila flea market / second hand self service market in Lahti: website and directions.
  • Olohuone second hand & lifestyle shop and cafe in Kallio, Helsinki: website and blog.

Walking home from my design course, I ran into a pile of old furniture on the street. The construction men were bringing them out of an apartment building. So I decided to ask if I could take this cute old red chair. And there I was: carrying a chair around Kallio today. Such a shame that they were not taking the furniture to a flea market – there could have found a new home. The red chair feels like it has been mine for ever now. It just found its place with me.

The stuff on the chair: USSR rose and gold lined tea set 2,50 euros (Lanttila), wooden and steel spoons 2 euros (Lanttila)m silver(ish) candle holders 2 euros (Lanttila) and the tin box plus glass jar both from Olohuone at 14 euros. The old metal box with a cross on top are from Ankara, Turkey. The cross was a gift from the antique shop owner when I bought the old metal box. The shells are from Prince’s Island in Istanbul, Turkey.

Finds flea market finds flea market finds flea market finds

And here are some iPhone pics (sorry!) from Olohuone cafe and shop. They share my passion for jars and tin boxes. Must sign up for their creative evening workshops. The shop opened just a few months ago, and is run by two ladies: an aunt and her niece. They are from Kuopio and bring most of their second hand items from Kuopio’s best hidden gems.

Olohuone Olohuone Olohuone Olohuone

These wall baskets (?) were just begging for me to take them home from Lanttila. A few euros each, I have them hanging on my empty kitchen wall. Not sure what to put in. Maybe flowers?

wall baskets

These vintage 3D Viewer Reels were showcased in Private Case stationery shop in central Helsinki. I’d love to find some for sale and perhaps make my own 3D images. I used to love these when I was a kid.

Check out Private case shop in Pieni Roobertinkatu, Helsinki.

3D specs 3D specs

This is a red poncho I found for 5 euros in Lanttila. I think it has just the retro feeling for this winter. I wear it with jeans. The porcelain beads are vintage from Beijing.

Indian winter

Below my new favourite winter coat. It is made by a Finnish company called Master Coat that no longer exists. But they were known for their quality coats. This wool coat has such beautiful natural texture. And it only cost 15 euros in Lanttila. It’s second hand but never used.

Master coat